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Plateau Peoples'

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Curation Process  (page 2 of 4)

Once the materials are uploaded to the site, tribal administrators have the ability to add tribal knowledge, edit the existing information, add new content that enriches the materials, add tags, and flag the material as culturally sensitive. Tribes can also upload their own materials to the portal, using the administrative side of the portal, allowing then to decide the level of access to their own private collections. Tribal consultants worked together to decide on the appropriate categories through which to classify their materials. There are nine main categories (users can use the browse section of the portal to view these) within the portal. Each tribe can then add their own subcategories refining the typology further to allow for greater precision and flexibility in searching. Each piece of content has tribal knowledge, already-existing catalogue records, and added links to audio, video and narrative comments from the tribes. In addition visitors to the portal can leave comments. This layering of narratives provides a rich and complex foundation for the exploration of Plateau peoples' histories.

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